FAQ: Moonlighter - ARPG with rogue-lite and shopkeeping elements
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Which platforms will I be able to play Moonlighter on?

We're going to release Moonlighter on PC, MAC, LINUX, and PS4 + XBox One. We want to do a simultaneous launch. Beta will be only available via PC, months before final launch.

From which tiers are console versions elegible?

We've decided to give to all Moonlighter backers the option of choosing between PC (Steam/ DRM-Free) or console (PS4 or XONE).

So if you have backed for the USD $40 tier (includes two copies), you will get two different licenses, being able to choose between any of the platforms for each one.

How will the Beta Access work?

We want to build a closed Beta community for Moonlighter. We're also going to share a "Moonlighter BETA" for PC there, open to changes and used for getting feedback, balance, etc.

This will happen a few months before the final launching of the game. Once the game is released, every backer will be able to chose the platform for their final Moonlighter license. That means someone who wants to play Moonlighter on consoles, will still be able to play the beta on PC.

On which languages will be Moonlighter available?

For now we can confirm English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. We are also thinking on Russian and Japanese.

What's the Hardcore Mode Stretch Goal?

Hardcore Mode, is an extra mode of gameplay.

It will basically transform Moonlighter from a Roguelite into a Roguelike. That mainly means:

For the Realms: - If you are defeated inside a Realm, you will lose all the items carried on that "run" (even the equipment). Safety slots doesn't exist anymore. - New enchantment "soulbound" that will protect an item to be lost, with an important cost of gold. - Enemy difficult increased (more damage, speed, etc.) - Harder variations of regular bosses are unlocked.

For the Shop: - Visitors can loose interest on certain items. It would depend on the time the item is exposed and other. - Selling all items is now harder. Shop clients will expend money only on items with the "proper" price or less.

We will explain more during the development.

Shipping Updates

Moonlighter will be released during 2017. We will send all rewards to you around the launch dates :) Anyway, we will keep you all updated!

Last Updated At: 09/08/16
BackerKit FAQ

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team—BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

How does BackerKit work?

After the campaign ends, the project creator will send you an email with a unique link to your survey. You can check out a walkthrough of the process here.

How do I update my shipping address?

BackerKit allows you to update your shipping address until the project is locked down for shipping. To update your address, go back to your BackerKit survey by inputting your email here.

I completed the survey, but haven't received my rewards yet. When will they arrive?

As BackerKit does not actually handle any rewards or shipping, the best way to stay updated on the shipping timeline would be to check out the project's updates page.

Why can’t I log into my account?

Request a login link to your survey by entering your email here:

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I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

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When will my pledge will be shipped, charged or locked down?

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Can I upgrade or get multiple copies of my pledge?

This depends on the project creator’s decision. If you are unable to see the ‘Want to switch your pledge level?’ after clicking on your pledge amount under “Pledge Level” in your survey, then the project creator would prefer people not to switch pledge levels.

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